I help lifelong learners navigating personal or professional changes build confidence in their reinvention skills.

The past doesn’t limit you – experiences and resilience prepare you for a new chapter.


. Life Coaching

Challenges can be transformed from obstacles into the fuel that moves us forward. Even if you need some extra takes in the process. We all experience transformations – I have personally dealt with many of them myself. Coaching can help.

At this time, all sessions are remote, in video call format, via Zoom meeting (occasional phone coaching may be an option if a video call is not possible). In-person sessions in the Tampa Bay area may be offered in the future.

. Life Coaching In Portuguese

Coaching também disponível em português. As a Brazilian-born American citizen, I also love to help Portuguese native speakers wherever they are and whether they are Brazilian, biculturals, immigrants, ex-pats or Portuguese students.

Career Shifts

Whether you’re leaving the corporate world to fly solo, switching jobs, relocating, or finding new purpose after retiring, coaching can help you through the shift.

Love Reset

Life after divorce or loss can be filled with love again – in whatever way you want. Whether embracing singlehood or opening up to a new relationship or remarriage, the love journey is yours to shape.

Lifestyle Changes

Are you at the top of your list for self-care? Are the areas you value the most getting enough attention? Balance is not necessarily about equal shares of life aspects, but how much focus you devote to what matters to YOU.

But… What’s Coaching?

How many times have you felt “frozen,” lost, or overwhelmed, and only after talking to someone, you were able to pinpoint solutions that lead to a positive change? That happens because voicing our thoughts and feelings can have a significant impact in promoting transformation. A coach can help the client realize, set action plans, and optimize efforts. It has a lot to do with awareness and insight in a co-creative relationship. A professionally trained coach can facilitate and make this process even more powerful.

And What’s NOT Coaching?

Coaching is NOT counseling. It is not therapy, and it should not be equated to mental health help. A psychologist, psychiatrist, or doctor are the ones who can provide these important types of services. If you know or suspect you may be struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions, or any other mental illness, do not look for a coach to address them, but seek an appropriate healthcare provider. Please address any issues with your doctor or mental health professional before hiring a coach. I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, therapist, or any type of healthcare professional, nor will I present myself as such.

Coaching is not consulting either. I do not provide legal advice, financial advice, or any competency beyond my certification. Coaches do not advise or tell you what you should do. Instead, they have the tools to help you achieve insight, awareness, and spark your own creative thinking, so you can reach your goals and promote self-growth at the same time. Coaching is more of a co-creative relationship where the client is the one in charge and responsible for their own actions and journey.

Let’s book now a complimentary Sample Session?

No cost, no pressure. Simply the best way to find out if you like my coaching, and if we are a good fit.

Transition Coaching also available in Portuguese. Coaching também disponível em português. Agende uma sessão cortesia gratuita.

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