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Needs or Wants?

Since switching from Canon to the mirrorless Sony a7iii, I have been trying to restock my Pelican case slots with a couple of new lenses, as I like to stick to same brand all the way.

Now it is time for the telephoto zoom dilemma. I want the 70-200mm f/2.8 like the Canon equivalent I owned before, for its beautiful bokeh and low-light capabilities. But do I need it? Isn’t the f/4 lighter and plenty for my purposes?

Indeed, one of the reasons for the mirrorless path was weight. Tendinitis on both thumbs, lower back and neck issues made me opt for the less weight route. And now I am considering a heavy lens?

The 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 crossed my mind for the longer range and shorter price tag, but the aperture issue strikes again.

The fact of the matter is that as I grow older – without really growing beyond my 5’2″ height (being called fishbowl lifeguard and baseboard painter are just a few of the jokes I have endured throughout the years) – time has brought me the aches, but also some sort of wisdom.

No, I am not claiming to be wise, I wouldn’t dare, the image of the also shorty Yoda and his inverted sentences comes to mind, not my image in the mirror. However, I know a couple of things more than I used to. Moreover, I feel differently about certain things that now almost seem useless. Frankly, good health and my loved ones close are my true needs. The rest… are just things.

I don’t need the designer bag in the closet, or the fancy makeup. I need the bag that is helpful – and pretty too, just not necessarily a big brand kind of pretty. I seriously don’t think a mascara with a big tag and the decent one at the drugstore change the way my eyes will look. I am more for clean ingredients, and changing often to avoid infection, instead of clinging to the fancy cosmetics for a year just to avoid the repurchase.

Still, I am not saying that expensive things are bad. A nice Barolo is desirable. I wouldn’t mind a ticket to Paris. Because I am not talking about the things themselves, but about my relationship with them. I can still appreciate some finer things, I just know that they are not necessities, but luxuries I may or may not want and afford. The urge has lost its urgency, the desire faded. If they come, cool. If they don’t, warm.

“How come you played the lottery last week?”, one may ask.

Because now I would really know what to do, in case the gods of numbers decided to grace me with their dollars. Much more smartly than when I was younger. I would get some things. I would gift. I would donate. I would help – myself and others. But I only won 100 dollars on a scratchy, so maybe another time.

One thing I would definitely get is the telephoto lens without making my bank account cry and bleed. To be honest, my flat-out tired Visa doesn’t want anything but a long rest, forgotten in a drawer where it won’t be slid, inserted or CVV checked on any Photography gear site.

When I said in the beginning that I liked to keep brand loyalty to my camera, it is not a snobby move. It is just because I believe they work better that way (maybe a tad of OCD too). Honestly, it is one of those worthy expensive choices. Waiting to keep it all in the family is better for me than mixing and not matching.

If only I can pick which family member… I’ll let you know which one I chose, and review it later – as soon as I can consciously decide. A smart purchase I shall make.

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