Their Words, My Gratitude

Professionally speaking, there is no better feeling than getting positive feedback. Not saying that money in the bank is not super rewarding, however knowing that you delivered and that your work had a positive impact on the people you aimed to help is like protein for the soul. If coaching is about helping people, well…Continue reading “Their Words, My Gratitude”

The Bestie Selfie

Self-care, or lack thereof, has been a common topic in my coaching sessions. Frequent but not limited to women, the idea of tending to our own needs seems to be associated to a mix of guilt and shame, as if we were not meant to be included as recipients of our own time and attention.Continue reading “The Bestie Selfie”

A Take on Mistakes

The other day I was coaching someone who was clearly overwhelmed. She mentioned being afraid and I asked her if she could describe that fear. She said, “I fear making mistakes. I have to be perfect.” I carried that sentence after the session and thought about not only the huge weight she was carrying, butContinue reading “A Take on Mistakes”

The Coach and Coachee Synergy

Life coaches are called to learn that a client may pick you, but you also have the reciprocal right to pick the client back. Or not. For the benefit if a co-creative dynamic, which is crucial in a good coaching process, it is imperative that both coach and coachee are welcoming, engaged and willing toContinue reading “The Coach and Coachee Synergy”

Bullying Is Ageless, But Tomatoes Can Grow

We, coaches, sometimes encounter clients dealing with – or causing – some degree of bullying. It is not something confined to the hallways of school, unfortunately. While many kids realize they were bullies at some point in their more immature days, sincerely regretting growing away from that, some adults still engage in intimidation tactics toContinue reading “Bullying Is Ageless, But Tomatoes Can Grow”

Coaching – The Good and The Misconception

I heard about life coaching some years ago, and I must admit, I wasn’t impressed with the little information I had. I actually developed a slightly negative impression towards coaching, a stereotype I created in my mind, based on ignorance and limited exposure to the subject. As a fan who benefited from therapy for myContinue reading “Coaching – The Good and The Misconception”