. Transition Coaching for Gen-Xers

My specialty is helping clients in the “later in life” category. Certainly because of my many transition movements in life, I believe that age shouldn’t be a limitation, but an asset. Coaching can help you navigate with more peace, confidence, and power to start a new chapter in your life book.

. Transition Coaching for Biculturals

As one myself, I also love to help multicultural individuals, immigrants, and ex-pats who experience the adaptation and transition of relocation, while combining cultures. Remembering that I provide coaching, not in a consulting capacity.

Bilingual coaching also available in Brazilian Portuguese. Coaching também disponível em português.

. Transition Coaching in General

Not a Gen-Xer? Not a multicultural person? No worries, I coach other age groups experiencing transitions. It keeps me learning and recycling. Let’s connect to see if I can help you with your goals?

Other Tools:

. Mindfulness

If you already happen to enjoy mindfulness, or want to try it a bit, you can ask me to start the session with a mini 2-minute meditation practice – focused on breathing and relaxation.

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