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The Coaching Process

Coach and client work via an exchange and collaboration towards achieving what the client wants to accomplish.

A coach can help the client realize, set action plans, and optimize their efforts. It has a lot to do with awareness and insight. How many times have you felt “frozen,” lost, or overwhelmed, and only after talking to someone, you were able to pinpoint solutions that lead to a positive change? That happens because voicing our thoughts and feelings can have a significant impact in promoting transformation. When you do that with a professionally trained coach, this process is facilitated and can be even more powerful.

Beyond my Coaching, and due to my background as an instructor for many years, I may add exercises or simple practices to help the client with self-discovery in between sessions. I also like to use Mindfulness tools for exercising awareness calm, and gratitude. But only if those are tools that the client would like to add to the coaching experience.

The Coaching Process uses co-creation to anchor you or help you set sail – so you can feel more peaceful and empowered.

And What is NOT Coaching?

Coaching is NOT counseling. It is not therapy, and it should not be equated to mental health help. A psychologist, psychiatrist, or doctor are the ones who can provide these important types of services. If you know or suspect you may be struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions, or any other mental illness, do not look for a coach to address them, but seek an appropriate healthcare provider. Please address any issues with your doctor or mental health professional before hiring a coach. I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, therapist, or any type of healthcare professional, nor will I present myself as such.

It’s like an orthopedist and a personal trainer. A dermatologist and a cosmetologist. They are all providing valuable services towards your wellness, but in very different capacities, right?

A coach does not necessarily know more than the client about any subject. Coaching is more of a co-creative relationship where the client is ultimately the one in charge of their own journey.

Coaching is not consulting either. I do not provide legal advice, financial advice, or any competency beyond my certification. Coaches do not advise or tell you what you should do. Instead, they have the tools to help you achieve insight, awareness, and spark your own creative thinking, so you can reach your goals and promote self-growth at the same time. It is a beautiful process for both the client and the coach.

The client-coach relationship calls for ethics and transparency. I always ask my clients to read and sign a Coaching Agreement that defines and clarifies the duties, values and guidelines for our work together.

Services in Portuguese also available. Atendimento também disponível em português.

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